Talks in England

Next week I’ll be touring England, more specifically the Universities of Reading, Warwick, Oxford and UCL. Apart from visiting dear friends, I’ll be giving a poster in Warwick (still not ready!) and talks at all other places.

19.4.2015 2pm Gradient IS and Unadjusted Langevin for IS Univ. of Reading Afternoon on Bayesian Computation, Nike Lecture Theatre, Agriculture Building
22.4.2016 1pm Kernel Sequential Monte Carlo UCL Roberts G08 Sir David Davies LT, Announcement
25.4.2016 3:30pm Kernel Sequential Monte Carlo  Univ. of Oxford Department of Statistics, St Giles building, Seminar Room 1, LG.03

The poster will be on Flyweight evidence estimates at the CRiSM workshop on Estimating Constants on the 20th. Slides and the poster will go up on the Talks page.

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