Une lèpre démocratique

This article in Le Monde (in French) covers Emmanuel Macrons speech in Lyon yesterday. I must admit that I know little more about Macrons program than what the article reports. One of the most interesting parts being that Macron is decidedly pro European. What caught my eye though was his metaphor regarding the populist right wing spreading of fear and the method of speaking almost exclusively to the populations anger. Macron called this the leprosy of democracy.

I couldn’t agree more and must say that I marvel at the strength of this image. While he was speaking about the french Front National, the exact same argument applies to German AfD. As well as to the countries where egocentric white men have made voters believe they would act in public interest, like the US, Hungary, and Poland.

1 thought on “Une lèpre démocratique

  1. The pro-European stance of Macron sets him apart from all other candidates and is a primary argument for voting for him. I second your comments about the thought leprosy spread by the far right.


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