History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes


Alexander Gauland (AfD party; top right) said last week that Germans wouldn’t want Jerome Boateng, the superior defense in Germany’s national football team, as a neighbor. This of course is geared towards Boateng being black.
Had he been Jewish, Gauland would have had to resign the day after. But while Germans still react sensibly to antisemitism, it’s becoming possible more and more to be openly racist in every other way. Actually, German history is used in a perverted way by the radical right: the fact that antisemitism exists among Muslims is used as an argument that Muslims can’t be integrated. Homophobia of some Muslims is used in the same vein.
I predict, and this is a quite saw safe bet, that the current AfD party leader will step down in the next year and AfD will become way more radical.

Many people in Europe are having an affair with the extreme right at the moment. Especially Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain should know better (and the rest too, actually). But well, first of all we didn’t make that mistake yet, our grandparents did (or the grandparents of people in other countries). Second, these politicians are not anti-jewish. Just anti-black and anti-muslim. Incomparable obviously.

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